45 Friday Brings Reissue Numero Group to Faust

With Travis Buffkin and Rae D. Cabello spinning every other Friday at Faust Tavern, 45 Friday has become one of the best DJ nights in the city, taking a listen into SA's rich musical history.

This weekend, Cabello's fellow vinylphile in the stellar Numero Group joins the pair for a spinning set. Founded in 2003, the Numero Group is an archival, reissue label with a stellar mission statement: "to dig deep into the recesses of our record collections with the goal of finding the dustiest gems begging to be released from their exile on geek street. No longer would $500 singles sit in a temperature-controlled room dying for a chance to be played. No more would the artists, writers, and entrepreneurs who made these records happen go unknown and unappreciated."

In their 11-year run, the Numero Group has repackaged and reissued works of funk from Belize, deep cuts from the Chicago soul scene and works from NYC indie rockers Codeine. Of particular quality are the Numero Group's ongoing series Eccentric Soul—diving into the collections of outrageously funky, poorly managed/maintained soul labels—and Cult Cargo, returning from small Latin American and African nations with bitchin' tunes, without the slightest tinge of Othering.

Tonight, free at Faust Tavern, the incomparable grooves of the Numero Group.