Spurs Top ESPN Magazine's 2014 Best Franchise Poll

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Good news from the world of irrelevant metrics: after the dominant championship run last season, the San Antonio Spurs have been ranked the best franchise in ESPN Magazine's "Ultimate Standings 2014" poll. Of the eight factors that readers voted on (affordability, coaching, fan relations, ownership, players, stadium experience, bang for the buck and title track), San Antonio outright won the coaching, fan relations, ownership and players, enough to claim the title of Best Sports Franchise.

With the help of consulting firm Maddock Douglas, e-poller firm NetReflector and Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, ESPN polled over 101,000 fans to get their answer, weighting each factor according to "how well teams turn fans' money into wins."

Since ESPN started the poll in 2003, the Spurs have won three times and have ranked in the top 10 each year. Last year, SA came in second.