Carlton Soules Publishes 'Star Wars'-Themed Campaign Ad

Politics and platforms be damned.

If we had to choose between former City Council member Cartlon Soules and incumbent County Judge Nelson Wolff based off of political advertisements, Soules just won the race.

In a Youtube video released by the Soules campaign Wednesday, the commander of the Rebel Alliance, Admiral Ackbar, warns that another Wolff term is a trap. The video closes with Wolff laughing in slow motion before the video cuts to the diabolical Emporer Palpatine, who is also laughing.

We hope the Wolff campaign finds time to respond with an in-kind Star Wars-themed political advertisement, or maybe Lord of the Rings would be a better counter. We don't know, but we hope it happens.

Anyway, enjoy the video, but remember to hop over here and read about about the candidate's actual platforms.