NDO News: AG Rules Against San Antonio

Matthew Hileman speaks to media after mediation talks with AT&T fell apart. - MARK REAGAN
Mark Reagan
Matthew Hileman speaks to media after mediation talks with AT&T fell apart.

The Texas Attorney General's Office ruled against San Antonio in an open records request related to the first case brought under the City's amended non-discrimination ordinance.

In response to an open records request by local media for recordings and other documents related to Matthew Hileman, who filed the first complaint under the NDO alleging AT&T discriminated against him because he is transgender, the City of San Antonio appealed to the Attorney General's Office. AT&T also submitted arguments opposing release of the requested information, which includes an audio tape of two alleged AT&T employees making disparaging remarks against transgender people.

"Needless to say, Mr. Hileman is thrilled the attorney general ruled in favor of transparency–which is essential to effective administration of the NDO. To date AT&T has dismissed the recordings as illegally obtained, and therefore irrelevant; but, the AG’s ruling demonstrates AT&T has not made the case to support its arguments, and the recordings should be released to the public. We call on AT&T to finally address the substance of the recordings, and to stop trying to shield its employees from their homo/transphobic comments," Hileman's attorney Justin Nichols said in an emailed statement.

The City and AT&T had multiple objections to the release of the info, and argued that the recordings were obtained illegally.

Most recently, mediation between Hileman and AT&T fell apart and AT&T has asked San Antonio to dismiss Hileman's complaint.

While most of the info will be released, some attorney-client privilege may be withheld. 

Read the opinion here:

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