Texas State Lege names Blue Star's FitzGibbons 2012 State 3-D Artist

The Texas Legislature runs the state in two year parcels. Along with a double-year budget, we get two year's of art notables named this year. Light sculptor Bill FitzGibbons, the director of Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, has been named Texas State Three-Dimensional artist for 2012.

The one-year term is also held by the positions of state poet laureate, state musician and  state two-dimensional artist.  On Friday FitzGibbons met fellow State Artists including Lyle Lovett, the 2011 Texas State Musician, who FitzGibbons found to be "pretty down to earth." Well, we hoped as much.

Here's the two year list of artists:

2011 appointees:  Texas State Musician Lyle Lovett of Klein, Texas Poet Laureate David M. Parsons of Conroe, Texas State Two-Dimensional Artist Melissa Miller of Austin, and Texas State Three-Dimensional Artist Jesus Moroles of Rockport.

2012 appointees: Texas State Musician Billy F Gibbons of Houston, Texas Poet Laureate Jan Seale of McAllen, Texas State Two-Dimensional Artist Karl Umlauf of Waco, and Texas State Three-Dimensional Artist Bill FitzGibbons of San Antonio. Detailed biographical information on each of the artists is available on the TCA website at www.arts.state.tx.us/stateartist.