Last chance: Carla Veliz' XXI at Gallery Nord


San Antonio-based artist Carla Veliz spent 21 days abusing a large piece of white silk--beating, cutting, trampling, and covering it with every sort of filth.  Then, for another 21-day period, she attempted to reverse the damage. She  washed the splattered, torn fabric, and mended its cuts with stitches, filling missing remnants with embroidery. The results of the long ritual that metaphorically enacts 21 centuries of degradation to the planet and its peoples are on view at Gallery Nord through Saturday, October 1, and  if you haven't seen Veliz' exhibit "XXI: Who We Are And Who We Could Become," it's well worth the trip. The show includes the 18-foot long silk, but more importantly, a video that documents the process, and a series of video capture stills (see above and below).


Gallery Nord, 2009 Northwest Military Highway, (210) 348-0088,