San Antonio resident's UFO video of triangular craft receives support from investigator

Back in May I blogged about flying saucer sightings in San Antonio. Based on recent events, it would seem that the city’s skies continue to be a super highway for unidentified flying objects. This past week, a piece of video footage shot by a local man named Mario Vallejo was featured on local news channel KENS5 after the video went viral on YouTube, receiving over 40,000 hits and garnering many comments on websites like Facebook.

The film appears to show a mysterious craft with an unfamiliar light configuration floating high above the city’s southeast side. A time stamp on the footage places the event at 9:45 p.m. on September 14.

I interviewed Mr. Vallejo by phone recently and was able to solicit more details about the incident. According to Mario, who admittedly is a UFO buff with a multitude of videos posted to his YouTube account, he has been observing anomalous objects since 2003 and has kept his trusty camera by his side ever since. On this particular occasion, Mario stated to me that he was sky watching from his backyard (which lies in an area noted for unusual aerial activity) when he spotted an unusually bright object hovering high up in the sky. When he zoomed in, Vallejo could make out what appeared to be a triangular craft that lacked the navigation lights frequently visible on airplanes and helicopters. The object was in view for 3 to 4 minutes as it silently moved across the sky from east to west at a slow but steady speed. When Mario posted the footage on the internet he was astounded by the number of views it received worldwide.

Vallejo further explained to me that he has seen many UFOs from his backyard since 2005 and that this particular object made no sound whatsoever. He feels that the thing he filmed is “not a top-secret experimental craft,” despite the nearby presence of Brooks Air Base, as well as Stinston Airport. He also told me that he has received a call from another eyewitness who claimed to have seen an identical object flying over the Camp Bullis area recently.

The video was understandably a hot topic of conversation at the local MUFON meeting on September 27 and I asked longtime UFO investigator Al Schuette for his opinion. Schuette, who has been evaluating Vallejo’s videos since 2005 told me that while some of Mario’s other videos can be explained as natural phenomenon he feels that the object in this clip appears to be something unidentifiable, although he has seen an identical light configuration in other UFO photos.

What about you? Have any of our readers sighted something unusual in the skies of San Antonio recently?