Ask Aliyah: The Top 5 Proposal Sites in San Antonio

Dear Aliyah, I have a great girlfriend. She is my best friend and the person I am meant to be with. I know I want to spend the rest of our lives together and she feels the same way about our future. Well, I am all but ready to propose except I can’t stand her family. How am I supposed to marry the woman I adore knowing I will also become part of a family I can’t stand? Jessie is My Girl Dear Jessie is My Girl, The thought of spending every Hallmark recognized holiday with her family makes you want to guzzle scotch or perhaps flee to Canada but if you are serious about marrying Jessie, it’s time to learn to manage your future in-laws. To succeed in that, you have to know your audience and manage your expectations then take some control over the activities in which you engage with her family. Don’t invite them to a Jell-O wrestling contest at your home if you know your future family will clutch their pearls at the sight of such an event. Leave them off the guest list and instead plan something that is more their speed. If you can’t stand that her dad chews with his mouth open, don’t plan a dinner with her parents. If you would rather stick needles in your eyes than chat with her sister, perhaps plan a movie outing as talking in theaters is discouraged. What you allow is what will continue, so embrace the role as the planner of the unavoidable family get-togethers and propose only those in which you will be able to tolerate her family. Aliyah P.S....

The Top 5 Proposal Spots in San Antonio

For the Spurs Fan – While on a tour of the AT&T Center For the History Buff – The garden bench of the Steve’s Homestead For the Outdoorsy Type – Deep into the trails of McAllister Park For the Social Butterfly – The middle of the Arneson River Theatre For the Traditionalist – The Observation Deck of the Tower of the Americas

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