Girl Scout Cookies - Leadership training in a yummy disguise

Last week The San Antonio Social Media Club invited Bradyn and I to join them at a Girl Scout Cookie Tweet Up and a tour of the Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center. This place was AMAZING! B and I will forever till the end of time refer to it as Girl Scout Central. We learned all about Girl Scout history, cookie facts, new cookie technology, and most importantly how selling cookies gives Girl Scouts firsthand business experience, teaches them self-confidence, and prepares them for the future. Girl Scout History and Fun Facts
  • For almost 100 years the Girl Scouts have focused on enabling girls between the ages of 5 and 17 to build character and skills for success.
  • The Girl Scouts were founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low.
  • There are more that 3.2 million members throughout the United States.
  • Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is chartered by Girl Scouts of the US, provides programs in 21 counties and is headquartered right here in San Antonio.
  • The Girl Scout Mission is: "Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place."
Cookie Facts
  • Those holes in the top of the Thin Mints aren't there for looks. They help with the baking process.
  • The cookie program generates more than $700 million for girls and communities nationwide.
  • Each Girl Scout Troop decides where the money they raised goes and how it will be used to help their community.
Cookie Technology — there's an app for that! Search "Cookie Locator" for this free app that will let you:
  • Find the booth sale closest to your location. (via GPS, zip code or city and state)
  • Choose the times you want to shop
  • Map you there
  • Add a sale date to your calendar
  • Discover your cookie personality (I'm all about the Thin Mints, Bradyn is Tag Along all the way)
  • Share via various social media sites
How the cookie program helps build leaders
  • While selling cookies the Girl Scout Troops are developing five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.
  • Each Girl Scout sets her own cookie sales goals and develops a plan to reach her goal.
  • Each Scout takes her cookie orders and manages the customers money.
  • The CRM tool that the Scouts use to keep track of their cookie orders rivals any tool I have ever seen in Corporate America.
The behind the scenes tour was so very cool! Here is Bradyn in HEAVEN. I think he was under the impression that all those boxes were for us. We are only taking home one box buddy. One box. Settle down there. Here are our tour guides and future leaders. The Girl Scout PR Team (and of course Bradyn) And a HUGE Thank you to Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center staff for inviting us and coordinating our visit. (PS -  B is sending you a SUPER BIG THANKS for the box of cookies!) If you know a future leader that wants to be a Girl Scout or if you have time and want to Volunteer to work with these girls, visit the Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center website. (Scholarships are available for families with financial need) Posted by Ferg_e - a mom on a mission. If you want to read more about me, check out my blog where I write about social causes, epilepsy awareness and our personal journey from chaos to calm in the middle of epilepsy, divorce and life.