Dream a Little DREAM

"Sweet dreams 'til sun beams find you/ Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you/ But in your dreams/ Whatever they be/ Dream a little dream of me"

-The Mamas & The Papas, April 1968 recording What worries will the 65,000 illegal immigrants set to graduate from high school this year leave behind them?  Not many.  Instead of drinking illegally at graduation parties or deciding the college to which their joyous student loans will be directed, undocumented students will be faced with the immediate reality of their collective existence - that is, what to do now that they can't do anything.  According to The College and Financial Guide for AB 540 Undocumented Immigrant Students, undocumented immigrants are foreign nationals who either entered the United States without authorization or entered legally but remained without authorization.  No reputable employer, community college, or university may grant them employment or admission without legal citizenship.  Therefore, children who have spent the majority or even the whole of their lives in the United States will simply cease to exist productively - at least in the American sense of the word. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (The "DREAM Act") would provide at least the possibility of conditional legal citizenship to those students.  The folks at presente.org - namely, Gaby Pacheco - have been advocating fervently in support of The DREAM Act.  Yesterday, Gaby watched from the Congressional gallery as the Senate voted 56-43 not to move forward with a key defense bill that had The DREAM Act attached as an amendment.  Aside from the uproar caused by the fact that DREAM was essentially legislation hidden within legislation, our community and its allies were further incensed by the time limitation that's now imposed on putting the act into law.  The challenge: bringing the act (on its own) back to the floor before Congress checks out on us this year.  “We’re going to vote on The DREAM Act, it’s only a question of when.”  Or so says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  But the fact remains that undocumented students are losing time they don't have.  It's time to dream a little dream of themClick here to sign the following statement: "Senator Reid, continue your fight on behalf of undocumented young people by bringing the DREAM Act to the floor as a stand-alone bill before Congress recesses."