Spurs Vines of the Week: Lakers Loss, Awesomely Grumpy Popovich and More

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Cross-court bomb from Marco Belinelli

As Popovich sits the veteran stars for the benefit of their various stress points, Marco Belinelli is tearing up the court with the provided minutes, shooting above 50% from three and scoring 20 in two of the past five games. In the Spurs win over Minnesota, the Italian guard through this cross-court gem for an easy two.

Marco Belinelli with the Half-ending Dagger
Three of Belinelli's 20 points against Minnesota came in this half-ending shot—check that seperation and cross-body fade.

Tim Duncan Triple-double
In the Spurs win over Memphis, Duncan scored 14 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists for his fourth career Triple-double. This tip-back officially put him over the ten marks.