I Support the SA Current Press Club Because I Celebrate San Antonio's Local Flavor

Editor's Note: This is the latest in a series of weekly essays from San Antonio readers who support our recently launched SA Current Press Club fundraising initiative.

San Antonio is a diverse city that celebrates character in all its forms and where local flavor is of vital importance. Without storytellers to create and share these amazing tales of food, art and business, we would be left with no choice but to rely on out-of-market entities. And let’s be real: there is no one better suited to write about San Antonio than San Antonians.

The Current has been a valued partner of Culinaria in recognizing San Antonio as a city renowned for its historical and progressive community and by presenting a totally different perspective on just about everything.

As we look forward to life after COVID-19, the Current will continue to be an integral part of telling stories of hope and compassion, helping readers get back to normal with reminders of how to do so optimistically and cautiously.

We have all learned many lessons about the strength, wisdom and courage of our community during these months, and it reminds us all that we are better standing together — even at six feet apart.

If we have learned anything from our struggles, it is that we’re united in our common goal of lifting one another up to greater heights than ever before. We’ll continue to do that by supporting one another, our businesses and our storytellers as we all move in new directions with plans in place for our future.

The San Antonio hospitality scene is ever evolving, adapting to a new era of business. Soon, hotels, restaurants and bars will be welcoming guests back, and we will all gather at tables once again with our family and friends, a favorite pastime throughout the ages.

Most celebrations and monumental occasions involve the art of gathering together, sharing dishes, regaling our past and discussing our future. To help us all regain our sense of community and normalcy, and to guide our success in sharing information, we will need storytellers like the Current.

Culinaria is preparing for bigger and better things for this hospitality town, aligning goals and resources with restaurateurs, hotels and bars to begin the process of rebuilding a stronger and more adaptable hospitality scene.

We know that the Current will be there every step of the way. So, please consider supporting the SA Current Press Club to help with that mission.

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