Texas-Based Chain Offering 500 Tea Options Makes San Antonio Debut

Facebook / HTeaO
In a sweet tea-dominated state, Texas-based HTeaO is aiming to broaden our thirst-quenching horizons.

The Midland-headquartered chain — which brags that its locations offer more than 500 possible combinations of fresh-brewed tea — has opened its first San Antonio outlet, located at 22127 Bulverde Road.

While a planned March grand opening had to be postponed — thanks, coronavirus — CEO Justin Howe told the Express-News that the turnout for a May 22 "safe opening" was “phenomenal."

HTeaO's menu offers sweet and unsweet flavors, including fruit- and herb-forward options such as Wild Raspberry, Sweet Blueberry Green and Sweet Mint. Thirsty customers also have the option to add two ounces of fresh fruit, including strawberries and blueberries, for 75 cents. Citrus slices are free, and the shops sells a range of sizes from small cups to a gallon.

HTeaO uses a specific purification process for its water and ice, equipping each of its 16 locations with a dedicated water plant.

While the current menu offers basic mixable base flavors, Howe told the Express-News customers in each market tend to develop local secret menus, creating area-specific combinations.

Knowing SA's love for hometown flavors, we're guessing the local outlet will have its own set of puro favorites in no time.

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