If we ruled Southtown, we would...

Before I even begin to delve into my artistic adventures from this past week I must share with you all an idea that came across my friend and I while at First Friday. We compiled a short list of items Southtown officials should ban:

  • Children, not all children but newborns, we found it very odd to see dazed babies in strollers amid the smoke-filled intersection of Cedar St. and S. Alamo as funnel cakes and turkey legs were being sold.
  • Crutches - If you're on crutches the lopsided sidewalks of Southtown are not your friend.
  • Flip flops - I learned the hard way, as I have for many years, that flip-flops should never be worn in any crowded event, especially First Friday.
  • Suggested item to bring … a flashlight. While I nearly stepped in front of a car and my friend could have twisted her ankle from falling into a grass covered hole in the ground (I do have to admit we are quite the clumsy duo so with all these added death traps we're well on our way to hurting ourselves.) we were lost in the dim lighted streets of Southtown neighborhoods.
Aside from the slight mishaps, we managed to hit up the usual Blue Star hot spots — sneaking a peak in the REM Gallery, drifting into the UTSA satellite space, and ending it with a moment to cool down on the second floor of El Sol Studios to check out Clifford Earl's pet altars. To end the night, we paid a visit to Beethoven Garten where the kick-off of Oktoberfest was taking place. Although the $5 donation at the gate caused my friend and I to do a double take, we put aside our thriftiness and decided to up the money at the gate. What we entered was a full-on German cultural explosion. We weren't early enough to witness the first keg being tapped but we did witness the affects of it in the form of a tipsy gal wailing out Hall & Oates "Rich Girl." Although lacking in a real artsy endeavor this week I can assure you next week's blog will be jam-packed with tidbits from one, if not, all of the events occurring this weekend. If you're still out of the loop, check out Artifacts and you'll be schooled.

Do you have any suggestions of what items should be banned during Southtown? If so comment!