Still More on the Suspicious Death of GOP IT Guru Mike Connell

From the National Affairs Desk -

The Current's sister paper in Cleveland (a fine journalistic outfit that I freelanced for while in grad school at Kent State a few years ago) has an in-depth cover story today investigating the death of Republican IT guru Mike Connell:

Point Of Impact

If There Was A Plot To Steal The 2004 Election, Michael Connell Knew About It. Is That Why He's Dead?

By James Renner

It's a pretty balanced story, with attorney Cliff Arnebeck convinced of foul play due to Connell's alleged involvement with pivotal vote-rigging that stole the 2004 election for Bush, while Connell's wife Heather maintains her husband's innocence.

Arnebeck was also interviewed recently by Scott Harris of Between the Lines, a weekly radio news magazine.

"We rely upon our expert in terms of Mr. Connell's role, and he's indicating that to the best of his knowledge that Connell was a technical guy, and IT (information technology) guy. He may have been present or he may have been witness to some criminal activities, but that he was not a perpetrator of criminal activities himself. So that his role in our case was as a witness, because of his involvement in so many, practically every aspect of Karl Rove's activities, many of which were criminal. That was his importance as a witness.

We believe, based on the evidence that we've got, that Karl Rove is the perpetrator, is the guy who has gone overboard in pursuing election success and trading off as a way of getting that success, trading off fundamental values in our country in terms of pledging, that if they were elected, they would undermine the rule of law and let business have their way and pretty much run wild and crazy, which of, course, they did," says Arnebeck.