Hyatt responds to "Hyatt Risk of Injury"

Posted by Enrique Lopetegui

[email protected]

Just minutes ago, Amy Patti, Public Relations Manager of the Hyatt in Chicago, replied to our Hyatt Risk of Injury report with the following statement:

"The health and safety of associates in all positions at Hyatt are our highest priorities. While we take seriously all valid research regarding workplace safety, we have not had the opportunity to thoroughly review the data and design of the Unite Here study recently released to the media. However, it is clear to us that the union's conclusions are not consistent with the workplace environment in our hotels. `Emphasis original` In fact, we have been achieving significant year-over-year reductions in both the frequency and severity of workplace injuries across U.S. Hyatt hotel properties. Hyatt associates, including all housekeeping staff, participate in extensive training to help assure a safe work environment. Through daily communications with our associates and the guidance of our health and workplace safety professionals, we work hard to continuously monitor and improve our record of safety. This is a company-wide commitment we take very seriously."

The Queblog then asked her whether the Hyatt could send us some information about those internal studies.

"No, I'm sorry," she said on the phone. "There is nothing we can ... send. I can certainly look into it further for you, but there's nothing that I can just send you immediately."

She also couldn't tell us whether it is true that the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio has a daily 30-room quota for its housekeepers, as reported in Hyatt Risk of Injury.

"That's something else I will have to look into more specifically," she said.