Must see: Primal Twang on PBS

By Enrique Lopetegui

[email protected]

There's been documentaries on the history of the guitar before, but this one is different.

Bluegrass legend Dan Crary (also a member of supergroup Vato Valley Boys) hosts this journey into the history of the world's most popular instrument, in a show performed in 2006 at San Diego's Birch North Park Theatre.

Besides Crary, the many top guests include Austin instrumental virtuoso Eric Johnson, "Mr. Telecaster" himself Albert Lee, and country/bluegrass hero Doc Watson.

The monumental Anthony Leigh Adams-directed and Crary-written-and-produced film (which combines onstage narration, video, rare historical footage, and dynamite performances) is funny, entertaining, informative and, most importantly, highly enjoyable.

On PBS Saturday, December 5, at 8 pm, and Sunday, Dec. 6 at 1 am.