Solar jammers of SA, unite!!

By Enrique Lopetegui

[email protected]

EchoTown's Matthew Ahern with tomorrow's recording studio.

If you're a local, environmentally conscious musician, or just a regular Joe (or Joanna) interested in anything green, I think you'll like this.

On Monday, December, 21, the folks from EchoTown will be inviting the music community and the general public to a demo on how to run a 25-watt guitar amplifier off a solar panel, with no battery or other assistance whatsoever.

“You can get a pretty loud sound out of a very small portable solar panel,” EchoTown owner/director Matthew Ahern told the Curblog. “Our `solar` Farm studio will be open, and everyone can check it out.”

The studio runs off CPS's windtricity, a program Ahern takes advantage of by paying just a little bit more on his regular electric bill. On Monday, the solar collector will be outside, right next to the studio, and plugged directly into a regular amplifier. Everyone is welcome to the demonstration, especially if you are a musician.

“Just show up and jam with us,” Ahern said. “You can bring your instrument or use ours. It's the Solstice here, and we'll be showing you how to power your guitar on the shortest, coldest day of the year.”

The solar jam will take place on Monday, December 21, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Farm studio located on 311 Howard St.

Find more info visiting,, or by calling (210) 863-6389.