Texas's next guv targeted by garden varieties mob

Greg Harman

[email protected]

The success of the online White House garden campaign that helped fill the Obama's new digs with healthy veggies and consequently forge inroads for new rows across the nation's urban landscape has inspired a Texas-centric outgrowth.

If some of the names and organizations sound familiar, they should. Those presidential pesterers, Kitchen Gardener's International, sprouted from Maine-based Eat the View, which had cross-pollinated two years back with San Antonio garden-culture blogging diva Pamela Price (of “Urban Garden Revolution” fame, our feature on the Alamo City renegades fighting for food-justice fight in one of the nation's fattest cities).

Now Price and her soil-nurturing clique at Dig for Texas have set their sights on Rick Perry and Bill White (and the crowd of MSM unmentionables, the so-called “minor” candidates as listed by Wikipedia) â?? whoever will eventually re-inhabit the firebombed Texas Governor's Mansion â?? to get an Aggie-certified, public-school-tour-friendly Guv Garden going after the November election.

The petition's purpose, as presented on the group's Facebook page:

In a manner similar to the successful, high-profile 2008 Eat The View campaign that helped spark the replanting of the White House garden, we will submit all signatures of support collected here to whomever is elected governor on November 2, 2010. Ultimately, we envision the Office of the Governor working collaboratively with Texas Agri-Life Extension, Friends of the Texas Governor's Mansion, and other relevant entities to create K-12 curriculum materials and a high-profile multi-media campaign centered on home and community gardens.

It's a spanking new petition. Imagine: you could be the seventh eighth name the new governor reads when considering who to punish first for publicly forcing him (or her) out into the cruel Texas sunshine with all those Molotov cocktails floating about. But don't let our paranoia get in your way, exercise your innate radical nature and get this state greening!