Council approves resolution opposing Texas action on immigration

Greg Harman

[email protected]

Maybe it's the accumulation of all these less-than-gracious disagreements we've witnessed over the years (fists, bottles, cars used as weapons, angry clowns), but we always expect clashing ideologies to lead to clashing bodies. I have to say, San Antonio (one Finger aside), ya'll did public discourse good today.

And if you've been hanging on our blog waiting for the verdict: Item 5, Resolution Urging Texas Legislature And Governor To Refrain From Passing Immigration Law, passed. SA Clerk's office didn't have the “little slip of paper” to confirm the votes with us, but said three members voted against the resolution. We're going to step out on a limb and suggest they may have belonged to the lighter shades of the diaz: Chan, Clamp, & Williams. `confirmed 5:45 pm`

We posted the text of the resolution in our last post.

Mayor Julián Castro told the Current he wanted to send a strong signal to Austin now that state lawmakers are threatening to introduce legislation similar to Arizona's 1070. "The best way to stop a rolling stone is at the top of the hill," he said. "This vote sends a strong message from San Antonio that immigration is a federal issue in need of a comprehensive solution."

You may have noticed we embedded with you participants for a few hours this morning to live-tweet the discussion (and, yes, it's been a while; and, no, I haven't been hennaing my hair). For our trouble, we racked in a couple retweets and the accusation that talkin' politics to our readers just "confused" people, â??cause no one in San Anto, like, reads. *Face palm*

While we would have loved to stick it out till the actual vote while championing the intellectual capacities and curiosities of our personal Alamo City posse, we had to jump to another meeting. For this fair-weather newshound, talk of industrial toxics trumps all. But more on that later.

Anyway, we've got some tantalizing backstory, shocking confessions, and twilight perturbations on this vote to share with you. So check back soon. Someone here's bound to figure out what perturbations means by then.