The 'New Witte' Is Officially Underway

click to enlarge Artist rendering of the Witte Museum's upcoming Dinosaur Gallery - COURTESY OF THE WITTE MUSEUM
Courtesy of the Witte Museum
Artist rendering of the Witte Museum's upcoming Dinosaur Gallery

Marise McDermott, president and CEO of Witte Museum, has announced Phase II of the museum’s “Master Plan” today.

The Witte’s Master Plan is to expand the museum’s exhibition areas, thus adding more enriching content than ever before. Once the plan has been brought to fruition, the Witte aims to become a top tier museum in San Antonio. 

While Phase I of the massive renovation project has been carried on quietly, adding the Witte Research Center to the museum grounds and transforming Pioneer Hall into the South Texas Heritage Center, expect Phase II’s changes to make some noise.

The two-year $60 million project will include renovations and expansion of the museum’s main building, and the addition of the Valero Great Hall and a Dinosaur Hall. The dino gallery will house Texas’ own quetzalcoatlus northropi, the largest flying creature ever discovered, as well as molds of actual acrocanthsaurus tracks from Government Canyon State Park. In addition, the popular Texas Wild exhibit will be given a new permanent home.

Phase II will also include the new Mays Family Center for special events. Opening in summer 2016 with the Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed exhibit, the center will contain a banquet space for over 800 people and a reception space for up to 2000.

The New Witte, as it’s been dubbed by McDermott and the Lake Flato architects heading the project, will open its new main building in 2017. The museum will remain open to visitors per its usual hours as construction carries on and the Witte continues making its steady climb to top tier status.