San Antonio Bar Web House Cited for Serving Alcohol to Customers Waiting for Takeout

Local restaurant and bar Web House, near San Pedro Springs Park, was given a citation last week for selling alcoholic drinks to customers waiting for takeout food orders in its dining room, News4SA reports.

Web House is classified by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission as a bar, because more than 51% of its sales come from alcohol. However, owner Mischka Timofuiev told News4 that since the pandemic, up to 80% of the establishment's sales have been food.

“It's takeout and delivery, [and] there was kind of a loophole that when people [were] waiting they can have a beer or a drink right before they get the food," Timofuiev told the station.

Officials advised him to continue with curbside and delivery of alcohol with food purchases, but warned that the dining room had to be shut down.

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