93. Browse Bookstore Row

Tucked between Midtown Broadway and Brackenridge Park are a string of bookstores, selling new and used tomes with enough variety to beat any Amazon distributor. With their varying catalogs and contents, the stores serve up a broad selection and understanding of what a good book should be. With all the old pages, dated covers and pulpy smells milling about the Antiquarian Book Mart & Annex (3127 Broadway St.), it's a place that celebrates the book as a medium in all shapes, sizes and languages. At Cheever Books (3613 Broadway St.), the thrill is in the hunt, with books arranged at divergent angles and in improbable spots. For the largest and broadest assortment, visit Half Price Books (3207 Broadway St.). This instance of the Texas chain might be the best in the city, with two floors of books, DVDs and records to browse with coupon in hand.

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