New Study Says Kimchi May Protect Against COVID-19; Here’s Where to Find it in San Antonio

click to enlarge Fermented cabbage — shown here in kimchi and sauerkraut — is great for boosting immunity. - NINA RANGEL
Nina Rangel
Fermented cabbage — shown here in kimchi and sauerkraut — is great for boosting immunity.
Dr. Jean Bousquet, honorary professor of Pulmonary Medicine at Montpellier University in France, has published a study suggesting there's a link between low COVID-19 fatalities and national dietary differences, specifically fermented cabbage.

According to a study Bousquet and his research partners published in the journal Clinical and Translational Allergy, countries where fermented cabbage features prominently in the diet have had lower fatalities. He draws attention to both South Korea and Germany, where fermented cabbage is a dietary staple, in the forms of kimchi and sauerkraut respectively.

High in antioxidants, fermented cabbage can boost immunity and help decrease levels of ACE2, an enzyme in the cell membrane mostly found in lungs that is used by COVID-19 as an entry point into the body.

Key to Bousquet's theory is the notion that when ACE2 is reduced, the virus may find it harder to enter the lungs.

Interested — and adventurous — foodies interested in testing the scientist's theory can spend some time perusing the websites of San Antonio-based fermented food suppliers Madge’s Food Company and Happy Gut Foods. Both supply a variety of fermented products aimed at supporting general immune system and digestion health.

You can also hit many Asian markets in town for pre-prepared kimchi. Just be sure you check the refrigerated sections if you can't find what you're looking for on the shelf. Below are a few to get you started.

Korean Market, 6210 Fairdale Dr, (210) 646-7005.
Hung Phong Oriental Market, 243 Remount, (210) 655-8448.
Seoul Asian Food Market & Cafe, 1005 Rittiman Road, Suite 101, (210) 822-1529.

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