Texas State University Student Tweets Viral Photo of Parking Lot Coronavirus College Class

Twitter / DatAggie2021

Northside ISD isn't the only institution catching flak for how it's starting off the school year amid COVID-19.

Texas State University music student @DatAggie2021 tweeted a photo of an 8 a.m. Monday morning class, for which masked students sat in blue plastic chairs spaced out in a dingy parking lot.

"This is what my $25,000 tuition buys me at Texas State! Loving my 8am class," the tweet reads.

The student elaborated in a tweeted reply: "I want to clear the air by saying NONE of the blame should be placed on the TXST School of Music, they are truly doing the absolute best with what they were given. The real issues comes from the top and the people running the uni."

In a phone call with the Current, the student, who goes by Cade T. on Twitter but didn't reveal his full name, said the class in question was Woodwind Methods, in which music education students learn how to play and teach woodwind instruments. The decision to hold the class outside was made due to coronavirus safety concerns over the airborne particles generated when playing wind instruments.

Cade T. also noted that he didn't want the university's music program to get undue blame for the bad optics of the parking lot photo.

"They're doing the best they can with the resources they were given," he said.

"It's obviously not the most optimal, but I'd much rather have that than not have the class at all."

The tweet struck a nerve with students, many of whom are stuck paying full tuition under universities' Frankenstein "hybrid" reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year. According to KVUE, Texas State students who opted for online classes have been charged an additional $50 fee per credit hour, which adds up quickly when dealing with a full course load of approximately 15-18 credits a semester.

"Capitalism striking hard here, just to leave y'all in debt," @dbzfreak2 tweeted.

University alumni also pointed out that the school's music program has often been neglected by the institution.

"@txst over charging for online/gutted in person courses while using the money for useless campus additions instead of renovating buildings that actually need it," alumnus Nathan Snyder tweeted. "Our music building is a repurposed REC with two bathrooms but hey check out this cool new fountain!!!"

"As an alum of the Texas State School of Music, I can attest that they get the short end of the stick, especially the opera program," @KB_Shark added.

In the wake of his tweet going viral, however, the student doesn't want people to think the classes themselves are worthless.

"I feel like I'm still getting a good education," he said.

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