Ted Nugent Wants List of All U.S. Deaths From Past 5 Years to Show 'Chinese Communist Virus' Numbers Are Fake

Ted Nugent may believe in “Cat Scratch Fever,” but he does not believe in the coronavirus, which officials say has killed more than 171,000 Americans. In fact, he thinks it's all “bullshit.” 

Nugent, 72, who says his Kill It & Grill It diet is the reason he can “outrun puppy dogs for a short distance,” recently appeared with his wife, Shemane, on a conservative podcast hosted by author David J. Harris Jr. to attempt to disprove “Chinese communist virus” statistics and to call B.S. on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Department of Agriculture. Oh, he also promoted his HuntTheVote.org rifle giveaway.

“They claim 160,000 people dead from the Chinese communist virus. Bullshit,” he said. “They claim millions and millions have been tested positive [for the virus]. Bullshit. They claim that the ICU units are overcrowded. Bullshit.”

The self-proclaimed “goofy guitar player” says he wants a list of all American deaths from January-July from the last five years to compare with those reported deaths this year. He believes the government is inflating numbers by including non-coronavirus deaths in the death count. 

“You can get stabbed to death by a paroled murderer, and they'll claim you died of the communist Chinese virus,” he said. “We've heard it from the doctors. We've heard it from health departments who were told, 'You can't say he died of a heart attack. You've gotta put COVID-19.'” 

He then proceeded to call the CDC, FBI, and USDA liars. 

“You cannot trust any of the government's alphabet bureaucracies,” he said. “They are entrenched in that deep state leftover Democrat, lying, scamming gang. And until Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Lois Lerner and Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are in jail, America will not trust the United States government. You can write that down. You can transcribe what I just said and call me a radical, and you'd be correct. Because I'm radical for justice, and I'm not seeing it.” 

As Blabbermouth.net points out, Forbes reported the number of Americans who believe the death toll is inflated is highest among those who get their news from Fox News (61%) and Republicans (59%), while only 9% of Democrats and 7% of those getting their news from CNN and MSNBC believe the same. 

Anyway, during the nearly one-hour shit-spouting sesh, Nugent got pissy that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio prevented him from performing the national anthem for officers of the NYPD during the height of the coronavirus, which had ravaged the city for months. 

The “Motor City Madman” then bragged about his “blood brother” relationship with “great warrior” Detroit Police Chief James Craig, with whom he recently reminisced with, and celebrated Craig's effort to keep the city safe from “terrorists and arsonists and anarchists.” 

“I was born in Detroit in 1948 when it was the Arsenal of Democracy, great people, great spirit, great work ethic, the greatest ever,” Nugent says. “Defiance against tyranny and despots and kings and emperors and evil forces of the Japanese Empire and the Nazis.” 

Nugent also used the opportunity to promote a Yahoo email address where people can purchase autographed copies of his Kill It & Grill It cookbook, as well as signed photos of the Nugent clan with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, as well as signed red caps that say “Re-elect that Motherfucker.” Apparently, it's for charity or something. 


This story first appeared in the Detroit Metro Times, an affiliated publication.