How Much Water Has Fallen From Texas Skies? A Lot

Imagine the state of Rhode Island submerged entirely under 10 feet of water. That is the amount of rain Texas has seen throughout the month of May.

Texas has accumulated enough water to supply New York City for the next SEVEN years. Texas rain has also supplied enough water to double the largest reservoir in the United States, Lake Mead. 

The Washington Post created the perfect visual representation to put the Texas rains into perspective. Keep in mind, this visualization was created before yesterday's massive storm. And more rain is expected this weekend. 

On a more serious note, two bodies have been found and identified in Wimberley, according to KIIITV. Currently, 21 people have died as a result of the Texas floods, the Houston Chronicle reported late last night. 

The city of Wimberley reported eight people are still missing. There are a total of 15 missing persons in Texas. 

The most worrisome of all the troubles in these flood-ridden areas are the forecasters continued rain predictions. 

Kenneth Bell, the emergency management coordinator for San Marcos, Hays County says "Right now we are still in search mode. Every time it rains, it poses a problem for the guys down there," NBC News reported Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has released images of how the floods have impacted the state parks. Click here to view the photos