Improv Troupe Bexar Stage Closes Its Theater but Isn't Down for the Count

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Bexar Stage is closing its San Antonio theater, Spectrum News reports.

Like many individuals, small businesses and even corporate chains, the improv theater troupe is shuttering its Pearl-adjacent venue because it's unable to afford the rent.

Bexar Stage Executive Producer and Artistic Director Tina Jackson knows that she's far from the only theater chief in this position.

"Every one of the spaces that I know of who runs like a small business, who operates with hundreds and hundreds of people in their communities and in their audiences, every single one of them is hurting or closing," she said in an interview with the cable news station. "We are in the midst right now of what is going to be the Great Theater Closure."

While local venue LOL Comedy Club took advantage of Texas' swift reopening to start hosting live shows again this summer — with predictable results – Jackson wasn't willing to take that risk.

"I just can't bring myself to sacrifice myself or anyone else's life for the bottom line. I just can't do it," she told Spectrum News.

Though Bexar Stage has lost its venue, the troupe isn't dissolving. For now, the members will continue streaming shows and classes online, and hope to reopen a physical theater again once the pandemic is over.

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