UTSA, Trinity Join Student Leaders In Asking Governor To Say No To Campus Carry

Gun rights advocates all over the nation are celebrating a victory in Texas: campus carry.

The new law, which is waiting on a signature from Lone Star State supreme commander Governor Greg Abbott, allows concealed handguns on college campuses, including in classrooms, bathrooms, green spaces, in hollowed-out text books, stuffed inside a calzone in the cafeteria and in ten-gallon hats worn to illicit beer pong gatherings in college dormitories. 

This all around a great idea, no? 

Well, student leaders at 13 schools, including UTSA and Trinity, aren't locked and loaded on the idea.

In a letter to the governor, they ask him to consider their voice and not sign the bill. 

"We believe that both private and public institutions deserve an opt-in or opt-out of the campus carry policy. We appreciate the work our legislators have done in amending the bill in a way that allows our university presidents to have a say in which buildings are able to become “gun free” zones based on certain criteria. However, we believe that the entirety of our campuses should be “gun-free” zones if said institution sees fit," they say in the letter, which was published by the Rice University student newspaper.

Abbott is expected to sign the bill.

Visit the Rice Thresher to read the full letter.