Watch Texas lawn guy cuss up a storm as the tree he chops down smashes into his client's house

Twitter / @edsbs

First, if you're going to watch this clip, it's imperative that you have the sound up.

Second, be advised that said sound is not workplace safe. Not even remotely. Unless, of course, you're working from home, which is a good possibility right now.

This viral video gem shows disaster strike — an entirely avertable disaster, at that — as a lawn-maintenance guy fells a dead pine tree in a Houston front yard. The would-be tree surgeon's soul-rending cry of "Ohhh, goddammiiiiit!" comes the instant he realizes that he should have cut the trunk in a manner that would make it fall away from his client's house.

Spoiler: more cuss words follow.

A blogger at Moon Crew loved the clip so much he tracked down the home's owners and spoke to family member Matt Bieniek, who explained the scenario. After being quoted high prices by tree surgeons for removing the dead pine in their front yard, the family instead paid their regular lawn guy $1,200 for the task.

The end result was $60,000 in damage. And, of course, a painfully hilarious video clip shot by a neighbor who spotted a disaster in the offing yet did nothing to stop it.

Adding insult to injury, the lawn guy actually asked the Bienieks to pay him the full price of the job. The family wisely refused.

“He said, ‘I did like 95% of the job.’ He wanted us to pay the full balance of the fee,” Bieniek told Moon Crew.

Apparently, the yard guy didn't quite get that it's possible to execute 5% of a job so wretchedly that it much makes everything else obsolete.

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