Turn Your Tortilla Into A Playable Record Through The Transformative Power Of Lasers

Spin a tortilla at your next party. - RAPTURE RECORDS/YOUTUBE
Rapture Records/YouTube
Spin a tortilla at your next party.

Tortillas. You have them in your house, most likely. You can eat them. They're delicious, and they are the bedrock of God's greatest gift: the taco. 

But did you know they can also play music? They can, apparently!

In April, a stupid (and mildly racist) video popped up on YouTube of a tortilla spinning on a record player while "Jarabe Tapatío" ("The Mexican Hat Dance") played in the background.

Haha, tortillas are circles, just like vinyl records. How did someone not make that connection before?

Well, Rapture Records, who seemingly love tortillas and vinyl and innovation, saw the video and took it one step further. They made a playable record out of a laser-etched, raw, flour tortilla. 

"It's an uncooked flour tortilla. Edible, but tastes burnt," the video's caption said.

That's fine, tortillas should be burnt anyway.

Because you are going to want to get out the laser you happen to conveniently have and try this immediately, you can find the instructions here. 

[h/t Sploid]