All Hail Tony Parker! Spurs Star Becomes Top Scorer In European Championship History

Tony Parker/Facebook

He's already part of our adored Spurs' "big three."

He's arguably the King of the Tear Drop.

He's unquestionably the best basketball player ever in France.

And now he's got one more accolade to add to his seemingly ever-growing list: Top all-time scorer in European Championship history.

His 16 points in this year's EuroBasket tourney in Monday's game against Poland took him to 1,046 total points, putting him ahead of the previous points leader, Nikos Galis of Greece.

And Parker's not done. Far from it. He basked in the glory of his latest accomplishment for a bit, then quickly pivoted to stay focused on the task at hand by tweeting for France to go for the gold (France is the defending champion).

Include the Spurs organization among those proudly celebrating Parker's feat – though, as with Manu's previous history playing for the Argentinean national team during the summer, we imagine Pop and company watch Parker play with eyes covered as he hustles and dives for balls all over the court.

But, at least according to one school of thought, it's Parker's undeniable global success and, in particular, national hero status in his native France, that should easily catapult him into the U.S. basketball hall of fame once he decides to hang it up.

Let's revel in Parker's accomplishment as witnessed in the Twittersphere (notice his bilingual touch):

Here are the Spurs making note of Parker making history:

Not to be outdone, the International Basketball Federation (better known as FIBA) actually went one further in the creativity department: