ProBioLite: Shocking ProBio-Lite Review Details All Details

ProbioLite is a nutritional supplement by Golden After 50 that delivers 5-billion colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria to the gut to act as an easy acid reflux fix.

By taking one capsule of Probio-Lite supplement daily, you can purportedly manage GERD, acid reflux and heartburn while enjoying other digestive aid benefits. The supplement problems through, which specializes in selling nutritional supplements to aging adults who want to be proactive about their health and digestion.

But is Probio-Lite worth the price? What makes ProbioLite different from other probiotic supplements for rebalancing the gut's ecosystem? Find out everything you need to know about ProbioLite today in our review.

What is Probio-Lite?

ProbioLite is a natural acid reflux supplement that aims to balance your gut to help with acid reflux and heartburn-related conditions. Each gelatin capsule contains 5 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria across nine different strains.

As part of a compelling promotional campaign, Golden After 50 has released a video highlighting the pain of acid reflux – including how Probio-Lite can help manage that pain by targeting the root causes of gut imbalances and poor digestion due to the toxic bacteria plaguing the body's internal pathways.

In that marketing campaign, Golden After 50 warns about the dangers of other treatments for acid reflux – including antacids. The company claims antacids “could make it worse over time [sic]” and cause “an imbalance of healthy bacteria in your digestive system.”

To avoid these issues, Golden After 50 recommends taking ProbioLite. Probio-Lite can purportedly solve acid reflux and digestive issues without the side effects associated with antacids and similar treatments.

How Does ProbioLite Work?

ProbioLite claims to work similarly to other probiotic supplements, but has a few unique properties and characteristics worth diving into as a whole. You take the supplement daily to give your gut a healthy dose of probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria play a crucial role in gut health. They help break down the foods you eat. They help extract nutrients from food. They also play a pivotal role in your immune system. Because many acid reflux side effects are due to the overwhelming amounts of toxic bacteria, the Probiolite probiotic formula works to help equalize and turn the tide in the favor and ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria.

Many people with digestive issues have imbalanced gut bacteria. Some people experience gut microbiota issues after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria in your body – but they can also inadvertently target good bacteria.

When your probiotic bacteria are imbalanced, you may experience heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, and other digestive issues.

By taking Probio-Lite, you can work at resolving these toxin-heavy issues. Golden After 50 specifically formulated their formula to older adults who suffer from acid reflux or heartburn who may be suffering from overuse of sweeteners, alcohol, stress or  antibiotics to name a few.

Probiotic supplements work straightforwardly. Probiotic supplements, including ProbioLite, contain colony forming units (CFUs) with different probiotic strains. These CFUs enter your body and reach your digestive system, where they flourish as living bacteria in your gut.

ProbioLite contains 5 billion CFUs of probiotics across nine strains. While this may get into the scientific weeds of probiotic strains, as this may sound like a lot, there are other probiotic supplements that can contain 100 to 200 billion CFUs of probiotics.

Of course, you can’t judge a probiotic by its number of CFUs alone. It’s not just the quantity of CFUs – it’s also the quality of the probiotic strains which Golden After 50 ProbioLite seems to do an exceptional job at utilizing the highest profile options available in potent dosages.

ProbioLite contains nine strains of probiotics, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus reuteri, and Bifidobacterium longum. Golden After 50 does not disclose the specific dosage of CFUs in each strain, as they’re all part of the same proprietary formula.

Probio-Lite Ingredients

Probio-Lite contains a proprietary blend with 5 billion CFUs and nine strains of probiotics. There are no other active ingredients listed. All ingredients are packaged into a gelatin capsule with brown rice flour and magnesium stearate used as preservatives and fillers.

As mentioned above, we don’t have individual dosages for any probiotic strain in Probio-Lite, although we know there are 5 billion CFUs in total. Some probiotics explain individual strain dosages, while others do not. It’s unclear if the strains are evenly divided (say, with approximately 500 million CFUs per strain) or if one or two strains are dominant with trace amounts of other strains.

As most know, poor digestion is the acid reflux precursor and if not dealt with properly, heartburn-related illnesses will arise and the probiotic strains inside Probiolite are meant to address this head on overtime.

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Scientific Evidence for Probio-Lite

Golden After 50 has not run any clinical trials or scientific studies on its formula. The company also does not cite any third party evidence verifying its advertised benefits – like studies or tests on probiotics. But the highly potent, nutritious ProBioLite formula works by rebalancing the gut microbiome's bacteria by helping remove the old, stale, often toxic material from the stomach's digestive tract.

Despite the lack of cited evidence about ProBioLite specifically, the company makes strong claims about its supplement targeting acid reflux and heartburn. The company also claims that antacids make these issues worse by disrupting gut bacteria. Let’s look at some of the scientific evidence behind these claims.

First, probiotics could indeed help some people manage acid reflux, GERD, and similar conditions. Some doctors recommend using probiotics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and encourage the growth of good bacteria in your gut. There’s little research linking probiotics to acid reflux, although the studies that have been performed have suggested there’s a connection between gut bacteria and acid reflux.

One 2020 review study analyzed existing research and found 13 studies. After analyzing this evidence, researchers concluded that probiotics “can be beneficial for GERD symptoms, such as regurgitation and heartburn.” However, researchers cautioned that the studies did not have a sufficient number of participants and that few adequate studies have been performed to date.

Some health and wellness experts believe antacids and other heartburn medication make acid reflux worse. Antacids lower stomach acid, which can reduce heartburn and acid reflux symptoms in some people. However, some people already have low levels of stomach acid, and antacids can make symptoms worse.

Similarly, this 2019 study found a connection between imbalanced probiotic levels and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), another popular treatment for acid reflux. Those who took PPIs had “disordered gut microbiota,” which could lead to other digestive issues.

Probiotics indeed seem to boost gut health. As Harvard Health explains in their recent roundup, probiotics can help with:

●      Diarrhea

●      Irritable bowel syndrome

●      Ulcerative colitis

●      Digestive issues

●      Other digestive and imbalanced bacteria issues

Overall, Probio-Lite seems to make valid claims about its probiotic strains. It’s possible that probiotics can treat acid reflux in some people – but probiotics also seem ineffective in other patients. More research needs to be performed to verify the connection between acid reflux, heartburn, and probiotic bacteria.

Probio-Lite Pricing

Probio-Lite is priced at $50 to $70 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order. That makes it one of the higher end probiotic supplements we’ve seen online.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

●      1 Bottle: $69 + $8.95 Shipping

●      3 Bottles: $171 + Free Shipping

●      6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping

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Overall, Probio-Lite is significantly more expensive than competing probiotic supplements – and it’s unclear why. You can find similar supplements with similar CFU dosages for under $20 from competing supplement companies.

Probio-Lite Refund Policy

Probio-Lite comes with a 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 365 days with no questions asked.

To start the refund process, email the customer support team at [email protected]

About Golden After 50

Golden After 50 is a nutritional supplement brand made by Healthy Trends Worldwide, LLC, a Tampa-based company. The company makes a range of dietary supplements to address different health goals.

Popular Golden After 50 supplements include Omega-3B, Good-Morning Formula, RemVital, and Uncaged, among others.

You can contact Golden After 50 / Healthy Trends Worldwide via the following:

●      Email: [email protected]

●      Phone: (800) 351-6106

●      Mailing Address: PO Box 4731 Tampa, Florida 33677

Healthy Trends Worldwide was motivated to launch Golden After 50 “to help men and women during their golden years continue living life on their terms and without having to depend on others,” explains the official website.

Is ProbioLite Supplement a Scam?

One of the most asked questions regarding Golden After 50 ProbioLite supplement is whether or not it is legit. By doing proper due diligence online, one can quickly see how reputable Golden After 50 is and ProbioLite is one of their flagship products available. The forward facing nature of Golden After 50 plus complete transparency into how ProBioLite works and what is inside makes this hard to label a scam. While there are the noticeable ProBio-Lite scam tactics online, by visiting the official website and buying directly from the company, customers will not only ensure they are getting the real ProbioLite pills, but be under the umbrella of the 1 year refund policy too. Simply stated, do not buy ProBioLite on Amazon or any other retail marketplace to avoid fake or counterfeit supplements. Other than this, there is no real threat or risk of Probiolite being a scam for consumers looking to fix acid reflux or overcome heartburn issues.

Final Word

Probio-Lite is a high-end probiotic supplement with 5 billion CFUs of nine probiotic strains. The ProBioLite supplement or easy acid reflux fix formula claims to support digestive health by targeting acid reflux and heartburn, among other gut rebalancing benefits.

Probio-Lite does everything right as a probiotic, but its price may be unusually high compared to the other competing probiotic supplement products depending on who you are. While a single probiotic yogurt, for example, contains 1 billion CFUs, while you can find cheaper supplements with 100 to 200 billion CFUs of probiotics through retailers like Amazon. But given the unique formulation Golden After 50 put together for the ProBioLite supplement, there is much more to gain by having all 9 of these unique probiotic strains at once. By supplying the body day in and day out with these proven, potent and powerful ingredients, ProBioLite acid reflux fixing supplement is a must try given the fact it is back by a staggering 1-year return policy if not completely thrilled with the results and effectiveness.

If the pricing is not too high for you, then Probio-Lite is available to order exclusively online today through, where the supplement comes with a very generous 365-day refund policy.