Texas Just Might Be the Worst Kind of Drug Dealer

In a world where it's harder and harder for death penalty states to get their skeleton-like hands on execution drugs, Texas may be filling that awful void.

According to BuzzFeed News, the Lone Star State is making its own pentobarbital — a sedative used to kill inmates — and sold the drug to Virginia.

From the BuzzFeed report:

The labels do not identify the pharmacy that prepared the drug. However, the lawyers for the Oklahoma inmate state that the labels were created by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which they also allege “is compounding or producing pentobarbital within its department for use in executions.”

On Friday, Texas confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it sent the drugs to Virginia, but would not comment on how the drugs were made.

The news broke in an Oklahoma inmate court filing. There was a botched execution there, putting a halt to executions while that state tries to find a new supplier.

Looks like Texas is ready to play that role, unfortunately.