Poll Finds Texans Split on Same-Sex Marriage, Sold on Youth Football

Same-sex marriage bans were ruled illegal in June, but the issue divides Texan adults. - Gabriela Mata
Gabriela Mata
Same-sex marriage bans were ruled illegal in June, but the issue divides Texan adults.

Almost half of Texas residents support same-sex marriage, racial discrimination in the state disproportionately impacts minorities, and football is still king despite long-term health concerns according to a poll released Wednesday by Texas Lyceum, a non-partisan, non-profit leadership group.

This is the eighth annual Texas Lyceum poll. The survey asked 1,000 Texas adults about their views on topics such as racial discrimination, same-sex marriage and climate change. The goal is to provide “an annual snapshot of Texans’ views on key issues,” according to Texas Lyceum President Jane Cummins. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Here are some of the most notable results from the poll:

-Although climate change is not a top concern for Texans, 67 percent of poll respondents said they’d support new environmental regulations on companies “that would regulate energy output...in an attempt to reduce global warming.”

-62 percent of Texans support the state Legislature allocating $800 million for border security.

-The Supreme Court ruled in June that states couldn’t impose same-sex marriage bans. In Texas, 49 percent of adults favor allowing same-sex marriages, up from 29 percent in 2009.

-When asked if there was “a specific instance in which you felt discriminated against by the police because of your racial or ethnic background,” 4 percent of whites, 24 percent of Latinos and 45 percent of black respondents said that they had.

-Marijuana evenly divides Texans, with half supporting its legalization and half opposing. Support for marijuana legalization has increased by 13 percentage points since 2011 though.

-And though the rest of the country seems less enamoured than ever with letting their children play football, not so in Texas; 72 percent of Texans would encourage their kids to play football, while 21 percent would discourage them from doing so. Nationwide, 40 percent of people would discourage their kids from playing football according to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.