Fan drives pizza from Houston to San Antonio after author Shea Serrano tweets about his craving

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Twitter / @curbedchicago
Some creators have fans. Others have stans.

Count San Antonio's Shea Serrano among the latter. A Twitter follower of the New York Times bestselling author drove 200 miles from Houston to deliver a pizza to his house over the weekend.

Here's how it went down.

Serrano, who lived in Houston before relocating back to his hometown of San Antonio, tweeted that he was missing that city's food scene. A fan named Rodrigo Bravo replied that he happed to be driving to the Alamo City from Houston and offered to pick up whatever the Basketball (and Other Things) author wanted.

"go on and stop at Star Pizza off 59 — get the starburst pizza for me — deep dish — wheat crust — no beef — thanks," Serrano tweeted back, throwing in a "LOL" to signify that he was just joking.

Turns out, it was anything but a joke to Bravo.

After a warning tweet partway through his journey, he showed up later that evening at Serrano's door with the requested Starburst pie.

From the tweet thread, it's clear Bravo believes one good turn deserves another. He explained that he was honored to make the delivery after Serrano offered up proceeds from a recent pay-if-you-want online book to pay senior-year tuition for two undocumented UTSA students.

"Man, I tell you... this is why I would deliver a pizza to this man anytime," Bravo tweeted. "I’m literally in tears, my man Shea doing it AGAIN. A true legend."

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