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Corpus Christi's The Blind Owls skip over the corpse of Mersey-beat era Beatles (that's the early stuff, goof), stopping only to pick their pockets for spare guitar picks, song lyric scraps and prophylactics. Owing a fair amount to the U.K.'s version of the U.S.'s version of '50s rock 'n' roll, when the genre was just a toddler and already being disregarded as a passing fad by principals, pastors, the PTA, the police and other assorted squares, - a mop-topped dumpster baby, if you will - the group offers up more gems from the garage, which at this point is the size of the Astrodome.

They don't really sound anything like the Fab Four, save for the surf-twang of a vintage Gretsch or the thud of a Hohner violin bass and two part harmonies, sharing more in common with The Standells, early Who, The Seeds or Electric Prunes. In essence, they are garage rockers, no more no less. But isn't a great garage band better than most things?

They've got the tunes and the harmonies, at least on their 8-song EP Say Goodbye. Like a Norton collection of rare garage sides, or a Nuggets or Pebbles comp, The Blind Owls do snotty, prior to punk, well. If the Sex Pistols are  snotty, The Blind Owls are candy-loogey, more meat and substance, less spit and rotten teeth, like the molasses-mouth of a post-Halloween candy binge. With all vinyl DJs El Westside Sound System, Sucia Q (of Chulita Vinyl Club) and Tim Beard. $5, 21 and up, 9pm, The Amp Room, 2407 N. St. Mary's St., (210) 320-2122