First Words: Motorboating Doughnuts

On "Bexar County Community Fights to Pave Its Stress of Sand" // Marie Smith: We live in a subdivision that has paved streets in Chicos district. We have tried to get them to repair our roads that are now starting to need repaired. His office tells everyone they are public roads that are maintained by the residents. They have even told contractors hey are public roads that are maintained by the residents. The contractors have now damaged the roads to the point we can't keep up with them. Chico told us the same thing he told Highland Oaks residents. Nothing has been done even with the roads having been built better than county roads. He is all talk and no action. He scheduled a meeting with a couple of us and then didn't show up when he was the one to call the meeting. Next year is election year so if course he is acting like he is trying to help. He won't follow through. Same song and dance. [sic]

On "The 20Somethings Take on Ramen" // Kelsey Cushman: I prefer the ramen at Fujiya... traditional, filling, and relatively inexpensive.

On "Doughnuts, From Classic to Fanciful, Are Making Their Mark in SA" // Diane Salinas: I want to motorboat that tray of donuts

On "Feds: Texas Can't Block Syrian Refugees" // George Pachecano: With so many badass gun owners in Texas you'd think they wouldn't be so scared of refugees.

On "35 Photos of the Hays Street Bridge: An Instagram Portrait" // Osvaldo Charles: Hangout for Hipsters and Bums.. [sic]

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