David Bowie Releases Terrifying Music Video Off of New Record '★'

click to enlarge Bowie offering us his hip Jeremiad - Youtube
Bowie offering us his hip Jeremiad
A little less than a month ago David Bowie released the first single off of his new record entitled (pronounced Blackstar). Not only is the song pretty creepy in its own right, but the 10-minute video is terrifying. Set in some sort of apocalyptic township where Bowie is a blind prophet and all the townspeople are working themselves into a seizure at his bari-toned behest, "Blackstar" is a trip and a half into the mind of the man who fell to Earth.

Bowie has authored an off-Broadway play entitled Lazarus, which is currently running, and has released a teaser for the next single off of the record, set to be released January 8, 2016, also entitled "Lazarus." The full video for the only song in the play and on the record will be released Thursday, December 17.

You can watch the preview for "Lazarus" here and the spooky-AF single below.