5 Shows to See This Weekend

Leftöver Crack - COURTESY
Leftöver Crack

Saturday, January 2
Leftöver Crack

There are few “dangerous” bands left in the U.S. Few which are on Government Watch Lists, few whose labels refuse to press their records, few with the gall to challenge the hetero-normativity and fascist complexes of their own self-perpetuating scene. From the early days of ratchet-rabble-rousers Choking Victim, the epically 9/11/01-released Mediocre Generica, to the death of their drummer a day before their first show in San Antonio, Leftöver Crack has been hating on America for almost two decades now. Catch ‘em before they O.D. or get assassinated. With Pears, Days N Daze and Krigblast. $14-$16, 7:30pm, The Korova, 107 E. Martin St., (210) 995-7229 -Travis Buffkin