Resolutions for the San Antonio Foodie Community

Eat your way through town this year.
Eat your way through town this year.

Resolutions freak me out. I need small attainable goals instead of yearlong contests in order to succeed. Adding instead of subtracting foods from the equation helps. With that in mind, here are a few goals food-lovers across San Antonio can take on (myself included) in 2016.

Go on a self-guided food tour: A friend of mine is embarking on a statewide tour of tacos as she and her beau sample every taco mentioned in Texas Monthly's "The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die." Considering I ate close to that number of tacos while compiling the list for the San Antonio area, I tip my hat toward such a grueling endeavor. But maybe you're already intimate with all the tacos you could ever need. If that's the case, why not pick up our list of the best restaurants in 2015 and hit up every joint, or our Sandwich Issue and find the best Cubano or po'boy in S.A. Dive so deep into whichever cuisine of your choosing that you'll know the difference between chilies in a curry or spices in a mole. Then and only then, can you start writing Yelp reviews.

Get in the kitchen: Several acquaintances have asked if I cook. The reason: I eat out — a lot — as evidenced by my Instagram feed. Sure, some of it is work-related, but as it turns out, I can cook and I enjoy the hell out of it. My personal resolution is to try a new recipe each week.

Be nice to your service staff: For starters, the going tip rate is 20 percent of your total amount. Secondly, the moment you decide to not cook at home, you've entered a moral agreement to let others do the work of cooking, bussing and otherwise helping you enjoy a meal. Yes, they're there to facilitate a great experience. No, they're not there to wait on you hand and foot. Don't be a dick — it's bad karma.

Know your craft: Along those same lines, and I suppose this applies to servers and hospitality employees throughout, know what you're serving. I'm not asking for a winded description of every dish on the menu, but I've been on the receiving end of some clueless wait staff. Arm yourself with knowledge and share it with gusto. Some of the best conversations I've had have been with industry professionals who know what they're talking about.