Get a Real Job, San Antonio: Be a Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver

The ad doesn't say if the job requires a fancy outfit like this one. - CHRIS BROWN/FLICKR CREATIVE COMMONS
Chris Brown/Flickr Creative Commons
The ad doesn't say if the job requires a fancy outfit like this one.
Whether you've got one or you need one, jobs can be a drag. So in a San Antonio Current feature, we scan local job boards to find a real gig you could have that you may never have thought of.

This week: saddle up and put on your best tourist-friendly grin as a horse-drawn carriage driver, as advertised by this Craigslist post.

I always thought the people you see Downtown giving rides in horse-drawn carriages were wind-blown country folk, swept into the big city to supplement their other horse-related endeavors. I might be the only person to assume this, but having neither ridden in a horse-drawn carriage nor talked to one of their drivers (besides cursing them from inside my car when I couldn’t get around them, of course), it was a belief I clung to.

But no more. Apparently you don’t need any experience with horses in order to drive a Downtown carriage, according to a recent job posting on the San Antonio Craigslist page. All it takes is a positive attitude and a clean rap sheet. Here’s a portion of the full ad:

Do you like to be outdoors?
Do you like to talk to people from all over the world?
Do you like to spend time with horses?
Do you like to make money while having fun?
Do you like to set your own hours?

If any of this rings true for you, then horse-drawn carriage driving might just end up the best job you ever had. Must be responsible and ethical. Drug testing and background check mandatory (no felonies). Team players prioritized.

MUST HAVE current Tx driver's license!

No experience necessary, we will 100% train. The right attitude will get you the job faster than having horse experience (although we certainly don't turn down knowledgeable horse people!).

With 28 million tourists visiting San Antonio yearly, your earnings are only limited by your will. Full or part time, year-round or seasonal. This industry is rewarding and fun, and we'd love you to be a part of it too.

Responsibilities include horse care as well as carriage driving downtown. Call or email us with any questions, or to send a resume. Booking interviews now!

It's remarkable to me that there's no experience necessary for this gig. Maybe training in the equine arts isn't as tough as I thought it to be. Or maybe carriage horses are just exceptionally well-trained. Or maybe they're actually looking for centaurs — not impossible, given that the employers "don't turn down knowledgeable horse people."

If you're interested, more information is available here. It's a contract job, so you'd be working on commission and tips, according to the ad.