10 Things You Have to Do This Weekend

Thu 1/14
“Lorem Ipsum”

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Cordy Ryman

The writers, editors and graphic designers out there may groan at the sight of “Lorem Ipsum” in print, but in the case of New York artist Cordy Ryman, it’s not placeholder or “dummy” text but the title of his new Artpace exhibition that may or may not have something to do with Roman philosopher Cicero’s 1st-century work De finibus bonorum et malorum (On the ends of good and evil). Hailed as “a champion of unabashed visual pleasure,” Ryman creates intriguing — and at times humorous — installations, sculptural objects and wall pieces crafted from such non-traditional materials as reclaimed wood, industrial paints, scrap metal, Velcro and Gorilla Glue. Whether roughly assembled or meticulously executed, Ryman’s works bring to mind a carpenter experiencing a stroke of genius — or possibly madness. One of several shows scheduled in celebration of Artpace’s 21st year, “Lorem Ipsum” opens in tandem with San Antonio artist Chris Sauter’s “Biography Construction Site (Cakes),” an installation that converts the front window gallery space into “a veritable bakery consisting of cakes constructed from cutout sheetrock forms, dummy cakes iced with drywall finishing mud and actual edible baked cakes.” Free, 6-9pm Thu, Artpace, 445 N. Main Ave., (210) 212-4900, artpace.org. — Bryan Rindfuss

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Chris Sauter