San Antonio Photographer Makes Familiar Alamo City Parks Look Unfamiliar


Justin Moore has achieved his dreams.

In 1999, he started a photography business because he loves taking pictures; passion number one, check. In 2001, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, achieving passion number two.

And so, naturally, his passions are now married into one: aerial photography.

"When someone came out with a flying camera, it's the combination of my passions in one fell swoop," Moore said.

He's talking about aerial drones. Specifically, the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Professional craft that he uses to capture stunning images of San Antonio's many parks.

"I can go fly at these different city parks and donate this technology and these photographs to the parks department, who [responds] in open arms to get these images and help tell their story," Moore says.

From the Mission Reach to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens to San Pedro Springs to Brackenridge Park, Moore has taken stunning aerial photos of a large chunk of the city's parks. All of which he donates to the parks department so they can use the amazing photos to promote the outdoors.

"When people see San Pedro Springs from the air — a lot of people who have never been — it encourages people to come check out parks because they are seeing them in a way that they've never seen before," he said. "Many of our city parks are quite beautiful and amazing from the air."

He says donating his time and work to promote the outdoors in San Antonio is just the right thing to do.

"I'm passionate about it," Moore says. "That's exactly what my mission is."