In Memoriam: Pilar Correa Davis

October 25, 1948 - February 28, 2016


Pilar Correa Davis left this world at 6:35 p.m. Sunday, February 28, 2016, as a Virgo moon waned in the evening sky. She was with us for 67 incredibly vibrant years. Pilar was born and lived most of her life in San Antonio, Texas, with the exception of a short time spent in Los Angeles, the Bahamas and Mexico. She leaves behind her three brothers, Adolf, Pete, and James Correa and their families.

Pilar bids a fond and loving "see you" to a coterie of acquaintances, loyal customers, and many dear friends, including the author and her husband, Dave Baamonde; David Zamora Casas; Agosto Cuellar; Lisa Mellinger; Diana Lindsay; Peter Gonzales Falcon; Victor Dovalina; Madeline and Rusty Guyer; Vicky Wright; Adrien Herrera; and lastly, her closest companions for 15 years, husbands Ron and Joe Mann.

Ron delicately and with boundless love cared for Pilar in her last days on earth. Pilar will be reuniting with her parents, Pedro and Anita Garza Correa, her sister Patsy, and several close friends, including the legendary trendsetter Carlos Gonzalez, playmate and drag artist Jessie "Bambi," and confidante and Liberty Bar host Paul Hannush. And finally she will be at the side of her beloved husband, Bill Davis, as they journey together through the cosmos and beyond.

Pilar was a voracious reader and enjoyed many writers, particularly Daniel Silva and Barbara Kingsolver. She had a penchant for Spratling and Bakelite jewelry, San Jose Mission pottery, and found abstract paintings. Pilar was not just an antique dealer: She was a matchmaker of monumental mementos with an exceptional ability to pair particular people with their special items of interest. She specialized in vintage clothing and jewelry, art, mid-century, retro Texas/Mexican, and other one-of-a-kind oddities. She always knew where to find the coolest stuff for your collection. Pilar owned three businesses over the last four decades, starting out with her well-known booth at the now defunct and sorely missed Austin Highway Flea Market. She subsequently moved to antique row at Hildebrand and Blanco with 14 Carrot Orange, The Shop and RETROMEX.

Every one of Pilar's clients adored her ability to uncover their most collectible treasures. Pilar was muse ... mentor ... and magician, inspiring artists, activists, designers, and drag queens, socialites, scenesters, writers and welders, restaurateurs and raconteurs ... the list goes on and on ... a bevy of willing participants in a time gone by, never to be experienced again.

"Pilar's art was life and she lived it on her own terms. She will remain in our hearts and we will be reminded of her each day when we look at the beauty that she brought us," penned gal pal Lindsay in a perfect tribute.

As Rumi said, "My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there." Pilar has made the journey and she is saving us some space.