South by South What? Here's Sunday's Imagine Fest Lineup

click to enlarge Poster for Imagine Fest - ART BY JOHN DESIGN
Art by John Design
Poster for Imagine Fest

Catch some badass music without the long lines and sweaty crowds of SXSW at Imagine Fest. As the inaugural festival for SA's locally owned book and record store that hosts live music, Imagine Books and Records isn't holding back, featuring a total of 35 bands.  

Day one takes place tomorrow, Sunday, March 13, and showcases five Texas bands. Count 'em $7, 7 p.m., seven shows and seven days. The holiest of numbers is also your golden ticket to the best local San Antonio acts, plus a helping of national acts. 

Here's the lineup for Sunday's show. Check back for the schedule as we post them the day before each day of the festival.

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (11pm - 11:45pm)
As their name alone implies philosophical proportions, what the Grasshopper Lies Heavy creates is not an ancient Chinese secret. Instead, their instrumental music is a modern hybrid of all different kinds of metal – sludgy, clean and twisted.

Verisimilitude (10pm - 10:45pm)
Close your eyes and let two dudes and a girl – probably with doctorates in music therapy - sooth the voices in your head with tranquil, psychedelic instrumentals. But don’t expect some low-key shit, Verisimilitude’s knack for gaining momentum and originality proves that great things come in threes.

Crown (9pm - 9:45pm)
Chameleons of rock ‘n’ roll, three-piece Crown can switch from being psyched-out to surf ("The Ballad of One Eyed Neal") all the way to acoustic balladry (“Methylone Man”).

Vetter Kids (8pm - 8:45pm)
Texas super group formed from fragments of other bands, Texas Is Funny-signed Vetter Kids should be called Cobain Kids, ‘cause they’ve effectively combined grunge rock with pop sensibilities, much like the Nirvana frontman.

Mr. Pidge (7pm - 7:45pm)
Sounding like a demented, bastardized rendition of retro synthpop, Mr. Pidge relies on backtracked instrumentation and electronically deepened vocals for that slightly disturbed, but totally “fun” effect.