A Breakdown of SA's Upcoming Hip-Hop Shows

Stay Woke!


With 240,000 followers both on Instagram and Twitter, it’s safe to say people are hip to the SoMo movement. Based out of Denison, born in Austin, Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales has concrete Texas roots, but don’t pigeonhole him to a particular sound.

SoMo gained notoriety the new-fashioned way: YouTube covers and playing clubs with his father. He is known for doing Bieber covers better than the Biebs. Nowadays, SoMo is rubbing shoulders with your aux cord favorites. His latest project, My Life II, is filled with big production and anthems you’ll find yourself singing repeatedly.

If you lust after good vibes, heartfelt melodies and awesome writing, look no further than Austin’s Mélat. Breaking the mold of modern radio R&B, her sound is reminiscent of ‘90s Bad Boy artist, and Biggie’s lady, Faith Evans, minus the bubble jackets. Start with “Twenty Ten,” off It Happens So Fast, a dope-ass track.

SoMo w/ Quinn XCII and Mélat
7pm Wed, April 13
Alamo City Music Hall
1305 E. Houston St.

Boosie Badazz

It’s been two years since his release following a bid in the pen, but Torrance Hatch, aka Lil’ Boosie, is now stronger and ready for the world as Boosie Badazz. The Baton Rouge representative embodies the fabric of a hustler, the epitome of strength and perseverance through the pitfalls on his rise from the depths of poverty. Boosie’s latest effort Out My Feelings (In My Past) is filled with pain, triumph and life lessons, from a real one’s perspective. You gotta love that.

Lil’ Boosie w/ King Kyle Lee, Blake, Mateo Sun and Vision
8pm Fri, April 15
Alamo City Music Hall
1305 E. Houston St.

Denzel Curry

Hailing from South Florida’s Carol City, Denzel Curry is the cult … and you can choose to follow. His lyrics fly like assault rifles with pinpoint accuracy and fury, reminiscent of a young 2PAC. The former Raider Klan-affiliate is the hood narrator for the youth and has crafted a raw and gritty style, a grips-you-by-the-shirt approach to his times growing up in Dade County. Don’t play yourself or sleep, Curry drops jewels.

Denzel Curry – 2055: The Ult Experience w/ Allan Kingdom
7:30pm Sat, April 23
Alamo City Music Hall
1305 E. Houston St.

Cypress Hill

The 1990s were the golden era of hip-hop — packed with big personas, b-boys and b-girls gathered ’round to hear what’s been called the greatest time capsule of modern urban music ever. Cypress Hill contributed to that greatness. Straight outta South Gate, California the group has that special something and a certain honesty that instantly connects. Advocates of cannabis and pillars to the community, Cypress Hill has given us more than taken from the culture we love so much. They’ve got notable hit after smoke-able hit, like “How I Could Just Kill a Man,” “Insane in the Brain” and “Hits From the Bong.” The group is a fine example of the follow-your-dream ethos, letting their true selves shine through the clouds (of herb).

Cypress Hill 25th Anniversary World Tour
8pm Tue, April 26
Aztec Theatre
104 N. St. Mary’s St.

Fredo Santana

Glory Boyz co-CEO and super-goon Fredo Santana embodies trap and its offspring “drill music,” invented, arguably, by his cousin Chief Keef. Santana, hailing from the war zone that is Chicago, where it’s been said that “it’s easier to find a gun than it is to find a parking spot,” has become a spokesman for Chi-raq, offering fair warnings of the life and its consequences. “Better Play It Smart,” found on his latest project, is a plea to not fuck around, straight up. Again, consequences.

Fredo Santana $20-$25
7pm Sun, May 1
The Korova
107 E. Martin St.
(210) 226-5070