Food delivery platform DoorDash to contribute $500,000 to the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund

Instagram / doordash
Meal-delivery giant DoorDash will deliver a shot of relief to Lone Star State restaurants in the form of a $500,000 monetary injection into the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund.

The contribution is part of the company’s five-year Main Street Strong Pledge, which includes a $10 million effort to help restaurants in select cities across the United States and Canada.

“DoorDash’s contribution to the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund will support our businesses by giving them a financial resource right when they need it to help get them through the rest of this public health crisis,” Emily Williams Knight, President and CEO of Texas Restaurant Association, said in a release announcing the contribution.

The Texas Restaurant Relief Fund was launched by the Texas Restaurant Association in March of last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic gained steam on U.S. soil. The fund was established to provide immediate financial support to independent restaurateurs and their employees.

The contribution is DoorDash’s latest effort to provide relief to restaurants who use the platform, as well as DoorDash employees — called Dashers — who use the gig platform to earn their living.

Previous efforts include free personal safety equipment for Dashers, two weeks of earnings for eligible Dashers affected by COVID-19 and various reductions in fees for mom-and-pop restaurants and eateries new to the platform.

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