5 Ways Bahama Bucks Is Saving Us from the Hot, Hot Heat

click to enlarge The Strawberry Banana Calypso and a Birthday Cake Bahama Mama Rama - KARAH CARMACK
Karah Carmack
The Strawberry Banana Calypso and a Birthday Cake Bahama Mama Rama
“I’ve heard that if you have a brain freeze, the pain comes from the blood rushing back into your capillaries so if you just keep eating it, it won’t be as bad.” My partner-in-crime explained this one to me after a much-too-large bite of local Bahama Bucks owner’s, Laura Schwarz, favorite “Birthday Cake Bahama Mama Rama.”

Bahama bucks started in 1990 when original owner Blake Buchanan decided he wanted to do work during college outside of the normal lawn care and fast food, what began with one ice shaver and a handmade hut. This concept grew and is now franchised all over the country. Outside of frozen awesomeness, Bahama Bucks also has a variety of board games you can play while you're enjoying your desserts, which is great for kids or even dates, and it’s dog friendly!

I’m not sure where the name came from but the addition of the words “bahama mama rama” means that there is ice cream on the bottom, “tropical creme” on top, and that it is more delicious than just a plain birthday cake shaved ice.
The shaved ice flavor combinations are nearly endless, 70 flavors are available ranging anywhere from the classics such as pineapple and coconut, to the more obscure (and less naturally occurring) flavors like “Jungle Berry” and you can feel free to combine them in any way you’d like.
click to enlarge Cucumber and pickle juice picadilly and a strawberry cheesecake - JESSICA ELIZARRARAS
Jessica Elizarraras
Cucumber and pickle juice picadilly and a strawberry cheesecake

Here’s five combinations worth your hard-earned dollar:
Combo 1: The “Strawberry Banana Calypso” is the top-selling smoothie at the Broadway location and is very reminiscent of a New Orleans-style strawberry daiquiri, sans booze.
Combo 2: Fresh bananas, pineapple juice, rum, and coconut flavors make up the Wavebender smoothie, another local (and admittedly personal) favorite.
Combo 3: The “Mango Tango,” which combines fresh mangos, mango juice, mango flavor, and cream (or chamoy for those of you interested), is a refreshing treat that would work well poolside. 
Combo 4: Cucumber and pickle juice picadilly. It's sweet and sour and perfect for hot summer days.
Combo 5: Strawberry cheesecake with ice cream. If you're into sweets, load up on the ice cream, which turns the fluffy ice into a creamy creation. 
If you're watching your calories, while I can’t vouch for caloric or sugar content of their offerings (the board ranges start in the 100s and go up to 700 on some), there is an option to add a “healthy boost” to your treat of choice.

With temperatures steadily in the 100s these days, this frozen treat palace is pretty busy, but they are open daily until 11 p.m. to satisfy even those with a late-night sweet tooth.