Photographer Ansen Seale Skews Perspective with ‘The Transient Landscape’

click to enlarge Photographer Ansen Seale Skews Perspective with ‘The Transient Landscape’
Ansen Seale

Just in time for this year’s more-massive-than-ever Fotoseptiembre bonanza, a new photography exhibition by Ansen Seale opens this week at FL!GHT Gallery. Seale, a local artist and photographer whose primary obsessions include mathematical explorations, nature and interconnectivity, quotes Polish-American semantics scholar Alfred Korzybski: “The map is not the territory.” For Seale, it’s often by the removal of information that we can gain a clearer understanding of reality. In Seale’s exhibit, we see this credo of sorts at work as a clarifying, distilling, disorienting and minimalistic force. “The Transient Landscape” explores natural and urban landscapes using a digital camera, of Seale’s own invention, that takes thousands of vertical image slices in rapid succession, thereby creating strange time/distance-rooted effects like the absence of perspective or the compression or expansion of objects. This removal and/or alteration of information causes the viewer to see familiar sights entirely anew. Free, 7-11pm Thu, Sept. 1, FL!GHT Gallery, 134 Blue Star, (210) 872-2586, On view through September 26.